Demižana is an authentic mediterranean restaurant where you can feel the spirit of Stari Grad, Old Town of Budva.  From their beautiful garden patio, fresh vegetables and fish to polite staff catering to your special dietary needs — I just love this place.  Their specialty is taking your chosen fish and baking them in salt or pan searing it to perfection.  The House offers a beautiful crushed tomato starter to while you ponder what to eat and begin salivating.  Don’t be shy to ask for their seafood platter to be brought out; they are happy to present their available fresh catches and have you pick from there.

My recommendations:

  • Starter: Green Salad, Fish Pâté, Tomatoes and Cheese
  • Main: Fresh catch of the day – you can’t go wrong

Perhaps what makes this place refined and elegant is in their final touch of bringing out warm lemon water with pink flower petals for you to soak and wash off any fish scent from your fingers.

Address: Budva Slovenska Obala 3
Number for booking : +382 33 455-028
Hours: open for lunch and dinner

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