Principles of Pose –- Jules

from Downward Facing Dog as you inhale

  • Pivot left heel to about 45 degrees in toward center and step the right foot forward – placed inside of right thumb

align left heel to right heel

  • Lift torso

outer edge of left foot firmly rooted, right knee over ankle
left hip moves forward, right hip moves back – hips to square

  • Raise arms

grounded evenly through all four corners of feet, reach arms up, create space
palms face each other or touch
draw outer arms inward
create connection with belly, open chest

  • Head can stay neutral gazing forward or tilted, gazing at thumbs


Trauma Perspective — Elyse

The energy of Warrior I is strengthening, stabilizing, and brings anger down. To verbally assist, speak to spiraling arms in and up and arches of feet lifted. Trauma survivors are resilient. Speak to creating a space for something new. Moving forward rather than being defined by the past.