Yoga Immersion – 1 Month – Montenegro

We came together in mornings and evenings to practice.  The energy generated from asanas, pranayama and meditation on the mat were translating into these beautiful souls’ daily lives, off the mat.  That is the beauty of yoga- the perception of walking into a  room with a mere expectation of stretching, but leaving with so much more.

Leading a month-long yoga immersion, I got to know the participants on a deeper level.  It was clear to me, as their practice grew and evolved it was creating an opening and acceptance in their hearts as well.  They were becoming aware.

laugh. love. live = epitome of what happens as a result of yoga


A very special thank you to all you beautiful people of Montenegro, who made this month long Yoga Immersion possible. May you blossom with brilliance. Until next time… namaste.