Dim sum literally means to touch the heart and whether you’re a foodie or not, it’s impossible not to be profoundly touched by the wide array of Hong Kong’s dim sum.  In Hong Kong, dim sum is the choice of brunch and lunch for people of all society levels; from bankers, yogis, construction workers to CEOs they have their special dim sum spot.  Variety of dishes in bite sizes and bigger are served steamed, fried, baked etc. with traditional Chinese tea.

My trip to Hong Kong would not have been complete without venturing out to many of these restaurants to get a taste of the real deal dim sum.  I searched high and low to experience all sorts of different spots.  Some were superb, others where people highly recommended it to be a ‘must try’ turned out be a miss, for my liking.
Today, I am sharing reviews of three spots that are distinctly different.  From these restaurants, surely find one place where you’ll want to return over and over again.

Social Place:

The new hot spot. Like its name, this restaurant feels like a chic social hangout where one can indulge in good dim sum surrounded by stylish housewives and business crowd, lunching and socializing. Their soft neutral decor represents easy elegance. The food is great; I found myself here several times during my stay in Hong Kong.
Price: HK $598 + 10% service charge for a tea set for two

Lin Heung Tea House

If you ever wanted to know just how hectic a busy Chinese dining experience can be, this is a place you may want to try or at least walk into to feel the place out. Located in a side street of Sheng Wan area, with many bustling around and waiting for a table during lunch hour, this place is hard to miss. Some bloggers swear this is the only dim sum one ever needs to try in Hong Kong – my opinion is quite different. The moment I stepped into this place I knew it would be more of a spectacle than a good food experience. The serving dishes and tea cups were not hygienic as you had to rinse them in hot tea water yourself at the table hardly wiped or disinfected since the previous client. I could not enjoy the food much for I wasn’t sure if my stomach could handle the experience.

Lung Keen Heen

Living up to Michelin 3-Star status, Lung Keen Heen takes my top spot. They serve both fusion and traditional dim sum dishes served in beautiful steamer baskets. Recommended by the chef, also my favourite on the menu was the abalone in a tart. This is a place for top notch dim sum experience with a Victoria Harbour view to boot. Reservation is recommended.

Tea in Hongkong