On my recent visit to Milan, where food is arguably one of the best in the world, I fell in love with its eccentric cuisine all over again.  Today I am sharing my favourite spots in Milan from cafes to restaurants to the best gelato house in town.

First stop. Bianco Latte.  This place is white chic and just beautiful.  As soon as you walk into Bianco Latte in the morning, you’re hit with the freshly ground coffee aroma mixed with hints of well dressed’s perfume scent.  If you make it in around 8:30/9AM it’s bustling with people grabbing their freshly squeezed orange juices with a choice of brioche.  Should you prefer a less of a crowd you can go in after the morning rush, around 10AM.  I went to this cafe almost every morning to get a hit of the creamiest cappuccino in town.

New to town is a truffle heaven, Tartufi & Friends. This is a place where style doesn’t compromise the quality of food. All on the menu comes with abundant amount of truffle. One can even indulge in gelato with honey and truffle dressing; simply irresistible.

Fine Dining, where do I begin.  Milan has countless amazing fine dining options.  The food in this city is exceeds a person’s expectation that if you ever contemplated whether food is one of life’s biggest pleasures, your doubts will undoubtedly disappear.  I am a huge fan.  Can you tell?

Giacomo Bistrot.  From its old school bistro warmth with added flare of retro to undeniable succulent dishes, this place has mastered the art of serving great food with good service.

Tea in HongkongTea in Hongkong

Of many many more…. here are my return visits and definite worth-while places to visit.

  • Risacca 6:  Seafood lover’s heaven.  Though the lighting could be better (I am not a fan of florescent bright lighting for dinner) their food makes up for it.  From ceviche to octopus to fish, you just can’t go wrong here.
  • Nobu:  If you’re in the mood for good ol’ miso soup/ edamame/ sushi/ sashimi, this is your spot.
  • Langosteria 10:  Definitely one of my favorites in Milan.  Langosteria possess sophisticated warmth.  The place is charming and lively yet intimate and romantic.  For its great wine, excellent food and attentive staff, I highly recommend this restaurant.  Reservation is recommended.
  • Charleston:  If you are in the shopping district and want a good authentic Italian cuisine this place is worth a try.  For those who are not celiac or gluten intolerant, they offer an oven baked pizza, true to Italian form- thin crust style.


In the heart of the shopping district on the famous Via Montenapoleone street is Pasticceria Cova.  It is the it spot where people come in for a break from restless shopping.

Tea in Hongkong
Tea in Hongkong

Cioccolat Italiani is a superb gelato serving spot with a twist.  Sure, they have the creamiest gelato in town but what makes them special is the twist at the end or so you think.  Just when you’re about to feel melancholy for finishing with the last lick of the gelato, you get to the best part – at the bottom of the gelato cone is a warm chocolate filling just waiting to be devoured.  You get to choose between vanilla, milk chocolate or dark chocolate.  If you know me, you know I went for the dark—- it was a moment of absolute.

Tea in Hongkong

Truly, I have a thing for Milan, can you tell?  Leaving a piece of my heart here until next time, arrivederci.