Yoga Exploration: Sun Salutation A: VINYASA FIVE – Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Savanasana) – as we inhale
Principles of Pose – Jules (from lowered plank / chaturanga dandasana)
  • straighten arms and lead chest forward as you roll onto tops of the toes
  • press down through tops of feet, legs engaged, knee remains lifted off the floor
  • alignment:
    • hands shoulder width apart, feet hip width apart
    • align wrist, elbow and shoulder joints
  • keeping shoulder blades wide, draw them down into the back body
  • maintaining space in back of the neck, reach through crown of your head lifting up then back as chin looks towards the ceiling
  • draw sternum forward and lengthen torso (rather than dipping into the low back)

Trauma Perspective – Elyse

As a back bending asana encourage lengthening the thoracic spine (middle). Encourage presences in the legs and mobility of the pelvis. Be mindful of any hands on assists in this asana.
Trauma sensitive yoga does not use hands on assists, as it may be triggering to a survivor of abuse, i.e. Placing hands on the hips or pelvic area of a sexual abuse survivor is a potential trigger.
If a student desires a hands on assist, speak to or direct drawing shoulder blades together and down back or press fists into the palms of the students feet. Be mindful of triggers, make yourself known that you are approaching the student from behind. A back bend asana utilizes the sympathetic nervous system; fight or flight. The bio energetic is expansion, increases vitality and builds energy in the body.